At Drug Test Coordinators, Inc. (DTC), we will help you achieve your ultimate goal — to have a Drug-Free Workplace. The simple, straightforward and reliable approach from DTC allows for you to provide a clean work environment, right away. Here’s a look at DTC’s specialized services:

  1. Customized policy development — every method is developed to meet the specific needs of your company. All of the comprehensive policies include step-by-step consequences of a “positive” drug test result.
  2. Complete program implementation — DTC will coordinate between your company, the laboratory, collection sites and the Medical Review Officer. We will also provide certification/verification of all drug screen results.
  3. Medical Review Officer (MRO) — by hiring a licensed physician who is responsible for receiving and reviewing all “positive” drug test results from the laboratory, DTC provides you with the most accurate assessment. The MR0 will also contact all individuals testing “positive” to inquire about possible prescription or over-the-counter medications which may have caused a “positive” test result.
  4. One monthly itemized invoice — you never have to keep track of laboratory data, collection site info or the Medical Review Officer’s invoicing. DTC will send you a monthly invoice for easy record keeping and to ensure you are always informed.