Drug Test Coordinators Inc.


The services provided by Drug Test Coordinators, Inc. (DTC) will enable your company to establish and maintain a drug free workplace. The principals of DTC have been coordinating the administration of drug free workplace programs for more than 20 years and have the knowledge and experience to assist you and your company in the implementation of a drug free workplace program.

Drug Free Workplace Substance Abuse Policy — We will develop a complete substance abuse policy individualized for your company. This policy will be written to meet the needs of your company, and in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Each policy document will include: “Why the company established the policy,” “What precisely is expected of employees,” and “What the consequences are for policy violations.” Implementation of Program — DTC will work with your company to identify the most convenient collection site, or sites if needed. DTC will establish the contact with each collection site and provide your company with customized Chain of Custody forms to be used by your company for each drug screen.

Start-Up Package — DTC will provide your company with all of the materials needed for a drug free workplace.

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