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Safety-Sensitive Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is very common, albeit controversial, practice. The need for reliable, safe employees is one of the main reasons that companies both large and small rely on employee drug testing in the workplace. A drug free workplace is often more efficient and profitable, and drug testing ensures it remains just as efficient and reliable throughout the years.

Why Drug Test?

There are many reasons to administer a drug test to an employee. Erratic behaviors, changes in appearance that affect the workplace, or accidents are all reasons that employers may decide that it is necessary to test someone in the workplace. Mistakes among workers that begin to happen suddenly or repetitively may also be reason to test a worker for the presence of drugs.

When using workplace drug testing it is important that you pay attention to employees. You may schedule regular drug testing for the whole company to ensure the company is as safe as possible, or you may want to randomized screenings to fit your needs as a company. Make sure that all new employees are aware of your screening procedures, however.

How it Works

In general, drug testing is designed to detect those drugs that are considered illegal by the federal government such as marijuana and cocaine. Some drug abuse may not be detected if the substance being used is not one of those drugs. For example, an employee who is drinking on the job won't have a positive drug screening unless they are using one of the drugs detected by the test.

Additionally, some prescription drugs may cause a false positive. It is usually a good idea to use other, more advanced, testing to ensure your employee is actually using an illegal drug rather than taking a prescription medication. You may be required to give either a blood or a urine sample for the testing.

Advanced Testing

Employee drug testing may required a more advanced procedure in the case of a positive test. Typically, the initial test can take several days to be complete if you are working with a testing lab but some drug test strips can give you immediate results, as well.Testing strips can also be used right in the workplace rather than being administered through a third party if you have the proper equipment and staff to screen on-site.

You will also need to determine the outcome of any positive tests. Some companies offer their employees a chance for therapeutic treatment, while others terminate employment immediately. A drug free workplace can be the best environment for both the health and the safety of employees, but also ensures the company is being managed as efficiently as possible. Drug use can cause accidents and mistakes that cost the company, and harm employees.


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