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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is an increasingly popular means of ensuring a healthy and drug free workplace. Many companies also utilize random drug testing so as to catch users of drugs.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that they provide a hazardless environment for their workers and workplace drug testing is an excellent way to make sure this is the case.

Laws regarding drug screening vary from state to state. Some states require that potential employees be tested only after they are offered the position while other states do not have this as a requirement.

Pre-employment Drug Testing Requirements

There are several requirements when it comes to employee drug testing:

• No discrimination should exist among any applicants meaning that the same program should apply to all of the applicants.
• The written drug policy should be in detail and should also list the legal medications which might also cause a positive result.
• Before the applicants are hired, written notices are required to be given to the applicant about any testing that is needed.
• According to laws, the applicant needs to be informed that they will be tested and the conditions by which they will be tested.
• Employers will have a policy that requires that applicants be drug-free.
• State laws state that applicants be given a letter offering the job which say that the offer is condition on a negative drug result.

Drug Testing Procedure

The most common form of workplace drug testing is urine sampling as the process is reliable, inexpensive and noninvasive. The urine is obtained and then sent to a lab where the sample is analyzed. The result will be available within 2 to 4 days of the test. Other tests may also be used including a breath test, a blood test, a hair drug test, as well as a saliva test.

Tested Drugs

The “Five Screen” test is perhaps the most common of pre-employment drug test. This test screens for several recreational drugs including morphine, heroine, amphetamines, codeine, PCP, cocaine, and marijuana.

The “Ten Screen” test may also be used and tests for medications that may be used and possessed legally. This includes drugs such as barbiturates, methaqualone, tranquilizers such as xanax and valium, methadone, and benzodiazepines.

Although every human being is different, the majority of drugs are present in the body for between 2 to 4 days. More expensive and advanced tests such as hair testing are able to identify whether the drug was used during the past 90 days.

What Occurs with a Positive Test?

These programs of drug testing have physicians who examine the results of the tests. If the test comes back positive, the doctor will contact the applicant in order to determine whether there is a legitimate reason for the result. The candidate will then be able to request another test in a self-chosen laboratory.

There also may be occasions when the result comes back as negative but there are still abnormal indicators which may be due to applicants tampering with the result due to increased water consumption for example. If this occurs, the results would be re-examined and another test would be performed.


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