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Drug Testing and Drug Free Workplace
Some employers believe that a drug-free workplace program and drug testing are one and the same; however, drug testing is only one element of a program. Drug testing may be appropriate for some organizations and not others. Read more about employee drug testing programs.

Drug Screening Programs
If you are an employer, you are probably looking to reducing expenses and save money whenever possible. One quick and beneficial way to save money is to implement a employee drug screening program. Drug and Alcohol abuse cost employers an estimated $81 billion dollars annually. Listed in this article is five easy steps to a Drug free workplace and implementing an employee drug screening program, plus tips on what types of drug testing program is right for you. Learn more about drug screening programs.

What are the rules for Drug Testing?
More and more employers are employing drug testing programs for applicants, but it is still a new practice. Currently several Federal and State laws are in effect to balance employee's rights with the employer's right to have a drug free workplace. Employee drug testing generally has five stages; applicant drug testing, random drug testing, post accident drug testing, scheduled drug testing, and treatment related testing. Read more about drug testing rules.

Is random drug-testing right for your school?
Those of us who have pioneered random drug testing have learned some very valuable lessons about how to discuss the topic with school administrators, school boards, parents, and communities. The principal will be a prominent figure in random drug testing efforts as the school community looks for sensible, strong leadership. The issue of random drug-testing provides principals with a forum for confronting adolescent drug abuse head on, within the context of a nationally recognized epidemic. Read More about school drug testing.

Workplace Interventions for Drug Abuse
Drug testing is an increasingly popular corporate response to substance-using employees. It has, however, some shortcomings as a means for identifying and controlling substance use. For example, the linkage between positive drug tests and impairment of job performance is unclear. In this article, the authors describe and discuss drug-testing policies and procedures and conclude that drug testing became popular in the 1980s largely as a workplace response to growing public concern and conservative response to drug abuse. Read More about drug abuse interventions in the workplace.

Drug Testing gets new focus
The federal government hopes to crack down on cheating by broadening testing of its own employees over the next year to include saliva, hair and sweat.  Some private employers already have adopted the alternative testing methods, and new government standards could lead even more companies to make the switch. more about hair and saliva drug testing

Saliva Drug testing is the best method
Saliva testing will prove to be cheaper, simpler and less time consuming.  Most important, saliva testing will measure what employers, insurers and others in ``authority" say they want: up-to-the-minute impairment of individuals. more on saliva drug testing

Florida Drug Abuse Facts
Overview of drug use statistics and drug prevention efforts in the state of Florida. more on drug abuse in Florida.

Drug Free Workplace Studies
Since 1986, the Federal government has mandated a comprehensive drug-free workplace program for all Federal Executive Branch workers. Executive Order 12564 (Drug-Free Federal Workplace, 1986) established a condition of employment for all Federal employees to refrain from using illegal drugs on or off-duty. more on drug free workplace

Employee Drug Testing: To Test or Not to Test
This article review the potential legal questions a business owner may ask themselves before implementing an employee drug testing program. Author notes that drug abuse is estimated to cost business $100 billion per year in lost profits, big reason why employee drug testing is on the rise. Read more on Employee Drug Testing

The Current Status of Employee Drug Testing in Workforce
Drug Testing has grown to an 800 million dollar business. This article provides a summary on the current status of the drug testing industry with an emphasis on employee drug testing and the furture of employee drug screening. Read More on the Employee Drug Testing Industry

The Effect of Adulterants on Urine Screening for Employee Drug Testing
Urine testing for drugs is an integral part of a drug free workplace. Urine drug screening is used in pre-employment drug testing, postaccident assesment, probation control, and inmate determent. The validitiy of the employee drug test program depends on the integrity of the urine sample. This article discusses just that. Read more on Employee Urine Drug Testing

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